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Eye Pressure (Glaucoma)

Göz Tansiyonu (Glokom)It is a disease characterized by progressive destruction of the optic nerve over time.

The patient may not realize his disease at first. It usually does not cause pain or any other symptoms. However, in very advanced stages, the patient walks by bumping into objects around him. The visual field narrows.

The reason why it is called glaucoma is because the biggest risk factor is increased intraocular pressure, that is, increased eye pressure. Therefore, those with a family history of glaucoma and those with hypermetropia are at greater risk.

Early diagnosis is very important in glaucoma. Because once nerve damage begins, it is not possible to repair the damaged cells. Therefore, vision loss in glaucoma patients is irreversible. If left untreated, the result is absolute blindness.

In its diagnosis, in addition to an eye examination, a series of tests such as visual field and corneal thickness are required.

As a treatment, depending on the nature of the case; medications (with drops), laser applications, and in some cases, surgical methods are used.

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